Fyllo™ | Hypertail PMP™

Hypertail PMP™

Reach more passionate consumers with less waste


Target audiences on "long-tail" sites routinely visited by passionate customers to reach them more efficiently.


Unlock the power of long-tail media

Expose more relevant media your target audience loves, creating a portfolio of high value touchpoints 
that speak directly to their interests, lifestyles and passions - far beyond what conventional publications can offer and at more efficient rates.


It starts by seeing what others can’t

Hypertail PMP™ combines contextual targeting and Natural Language Processing to identify affinities across webpages, uncovering unique long-tail media opportunities that produce premium results.


Discover overlooked and underserved audiences

Reach the consumers you couldn’t find before - and those you never knew existed - by meeting them on the websites they find most relevant.

Increase efficiency without sacrificing results

Eliminate wasted ad spend and redundant campaign efforts with AI that delivers higher engagement at a lower CPM.

Powerful applications

Hypertail PMP™ can improve performance and efficiency for any programmatic campaign, but is particularly well-suited for promoting niche products or services where consumers are less likely to be engaging with mainstream publications.


Reach Gen Xers on sites where they research anti-aging products


Get in front of progressive consumers who embrace a 420 lifestyle


Meet consumers on the cooking blogs they use to build weekly meal plans

Financial services

Target content and conversations about crypto, NFTs, De-Fi and more


Find cross fit devotees on the pages they go to research new gyms


Discover the best places to engage other online RPG enthusiasts

Health & wellness

Align your advertising with yogis exploring new retreat locales

Sports betting

Uncover where avid gamblers - not passive sports fans - actively engage


Identify travel hacking blogs tourists go to plan their next big journey

Start driving new growth