Media solutions


  • Campaign strategy
  • Audience segmentation
  • Channel selection
  • KPI definition


  • Inventory access
  • Campaign setup
  • Real-time optimization
  • Test & Learn opportunities


  • Measurement & reporting
  • Performance insights
  • Audience discovery
  • Strategy refinement

Measure and optimize what matters

Define the metrics that matter most to your business — sales, site traffic, attribution, brand lift — and then track which tactics drove those results. Leverage learnings to optimize performance and enhance future ad targeting.

Campaign insights

Learn which levers drove the best results throughout the sales funnel.


Identify top performing ads and domains to optimize campaigns in real time.


Track metrics like CPA, CTR, ROAS and others alongside campaign results.

Brand awareness

See if audiences remember your ads and how they perceive your brand.

Reach and frequency

Know who saw your ads and how many times they engaged.

Custom analytics

Work with Fyllo's digital experts to customize reports to fit your needs.