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Keep pace with compliance and category growth

Accelerate legislative and regulatory research, track licensing opportunities and make better decisions with the largest collection of cannabis regulatory intelligence in the U.S.


Unparalleled visibility at every level of government

Go beyond the Black Letter Law with access to more than 230,000 pages of content each month aggregated from 4,300+ sources in 1,450+ jurisdictions across the country.


Accelerate research

Aggregate research from fragmented sources all in one place. Standardize entries in a clear, consistent layout.

Accelerate research

Track licensing opportunities

Expose and evaluate dozens of new licensing opportunities each month across multiple jurisdictions. 
Monitor changing application windows before and after legalization.


Get ahead of decisions

Identify key players, dates and conversations earlier in the legislative process. Expose critical meetings and events, and track policies from start to finish.

Get ahead of decisions

Understand the past, anticipate the future

Analyze historical and emerging legalization trends to make better business decisions
 and informed hypotheses about future regulatory activity and market dynamics.


25 ballot measures planned for 2022

Access summaries of the top cannabis legislation across the U.S. to discover new growth opportunities for 2022.

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25 ballot measures  planned for 2022

Proven Results




With 482 municipalities in California, Caliva must proactively review cannabis activity and make smart decisions based on emerging trends. Manually tracking localities can be extremely time consuming and risks missing crucial changes that could affect their business.


Caliva’s use of dynamic tools like Calendar View and Daily Digests helps them keep pace with the volume and velocity of activity in California. Not only does their team quickly identify important dates, meetings and information, they also anticipate when new local opportunities will arise, giving their sales team a head start in key battleground markets.

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Faster research


New first-mover wins

Law Firm

Vicente Sederberg


Law firms with cannabis practices conduct rigorous research in order to keep up with changing regulations, which are regularly discussed in local city council meetings across the country. But knowing when and where they are, and tracking what was said can be challenging and inefficient. Without the ability to monitor activity at a macro-level, it is easy to miss opportunities and crucial regulatory updates.


By combining smart search capabilities that filter and focus findings with custom real-time alerts, Vicente Sederberg can quickly find relevant information from thousands of sources in one centralized location. This has saved valuable time, enabling them to guide with greater efficiency and fidelity.

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