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Navigate the dynamic, hyper-local short-term rental regulatory landscape with clarity and confidence.


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Powered by AI and machine learning, the Fyllo Regulatory Database streamlines research with sophisticated search tools that filter and focus results, advanced views to spot trends faster and real time alerts to help you keep pace with compliance.


All the documents you need, all in one place

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The upcoming list of items to be discussed at government meetings to help you decide if you should attend or keep track of the meeting.


Official statements made to the public that give information about something that has happened or that will happen concerning interested industries.
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Bills & Ordinances

The formal statements of a proposed new law or ordinance that are discussed and then voted on by governing members.
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Forms & Fee Schedules

Get relevant documents needed to apply for licenses, business permits, business fees, taxation and much more.
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Minutes & Results

Official records of the proceedings at a meeting of a committee, hearing or other government gathering.
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Regulations & Rules

The rule or directive made and maintained by a governing authority to help maintain legal operations in the locality.

Get smarter at scale

An intuitive interface gives you the visibility and insight you need to make decisions with greater confidence.

Get smarter at scale

Know fast, act first

Streamline monitoring with dynamic filters and near-instant alerts. Customize searches to realize opportunities and address issues with greater agility.

Know fast, act first

Focus on what matters

Validate every opportunity and know exactly where and how to best focus your people, effort and any other resources.

Focus on what matters

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Multi-Property Owners

Take the guesswork out of how legislation impacts your vision and livelihood.

Property Managers

Stay ahead of activity that could impact your business.

Law Firms

Keep abreast of short-term rental legislation or track an issue for a specific client.


Identify new market opportunities and make data-driven decisions.


Build knowledge and expertise in the rapidly growing short-term rental industry.


Arm your members with insights on topics they care about.

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