2022: The most diverse 420 ever | Fyllo

As we celebrate 420 this year, it’s safe to say cannabis is now mainstream. We should take a moment to celebrate just how much cannabis consumption has grown in the United States. According to MRI Simmons research, almost 66 million US adults consumed cannabis or CBD –– one in four adults – in the last year.

Cannabis consumers represent one of the most dynamic and diverse cohorts; representing diverse generations, households, ethnicity, economic and even political spectrums:

Boomers are more likely to consume Cannabis than Gen Z's.testConservatives outweigh Liberals by 5%.testThe majority of cannabis consumers work either full or part of the time.testOver 65% of cannabis consumers have a college or postgraduate degree.testOver 50% are married or are living with a partner.testOver 50% are in a professional, managerial or sales position.test

More than 40% are ethnically diverse.testTo learn more about how Fyllo helps marketers reach progressive cannabis and CBD audiences who are more likely to take action in mainstream consumer categories, download our Audience Playbook.


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