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IAB Brand Academy: Cannabis category growth and the untapped opportunity for advertisers

The cannabis category is on a hyper-growth path.

In just the last two years, it has seen its essential business designation, rapid legalization, an influx of investment and innovation, and an explosion of new cannabis and CBD brands led by mainstream icons like Martha Stewart, Jay-Z, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The result? Pervasive availability, rapid de-stigmatization, mainstream consumption, and a new growth opportunity for advertisers.

Research from MRI-Simmons has revealed not only the scale of the cannabis and CBD consumer base – currently standing at 64.5 million and growing – but also the ideal mindset, appealing behaviors and high-value attributes they possess. From QSR to beauty to adult beverages, brands across all consumer categories can find value in unlocking this new untapped growth audience. 

This IAB Brand Academy, led by Fyllo’s own Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Ragovin and Columbia Care’s Chief Growth Officer Jesse Channon, examines the proliferation of the cannabis industry and what it means for mainstream advertisers. 

Discussion topics:

  • Who is the cannabis consumer?

  • What is the alignment between cannabis consumers and brands across mainstream verticals?

  • How are mainstream brands engaging with cannabis consumers?


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