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Fyllo Infused Fluent Audiences: Next-level health seekers

What do you get when you combine Fluent’s best-in-class Active Health Seeker audiences with the distinct mindset of Fyllo cannabis and CBD purchase-based audiences? Access to the Progressive Health Seekers – the leading edge and first-mover advantage in wellness and health.

From passive to active health seekers

Before the digital era, we were all passive consumers when it came to our healthcare – getting by on a “need to know” basis and relying on direction from doctors and experts. However, everyday people gained access to massive amounts of health and wellness information in the digital era.

The mainstream moved from spectators to active participants in their well-being – asking questions, seeking solutions and taking charge. Modern healthcare and well-being brands rely on active consumers interested in learning more and willing to ask their healthcare provider about products and solutions.

  • Fit the existing college student persona

  • Provided conventional data plus unique audience attributes

  • Supplied granularity and scale

  • It was available in a major DSP owned by one of the top US telecom companies


From active to progressive health seekers

On the leading edge of active health seekers, some consumers take an even more dynamic role in their well-being and pursue new solutions and better alternatives to the status quo. 

While active health seekers seek expert information, progressive health seekers look for options and choices. Active health seekers look to solve issues, while progressive health seekers are on a journey to find a better version of themselves. The progressive health seeker is a fiercely proactive and inquisitive front-line consumer, open to discovery, interested in new ideas and willing to change for the better. They’re early adopters, relentless explorers, and the first in their social circle to embrace new technologies. Not surprisingly, they are the people their friends turn to for advice. They are cannabis and CBD consumers.

Progressive health seekers

According to MRI-Simmons, today’s cannabis and CBD consumers are more likely to embrace cutting-edge health practices than the general population.


They are driven by progress. They have a passion for the new, the different and the better. They are people who want and expect progress. This is not about a political stance. It’s about living a more dynamic life. They expect more from life – more enjoyment, more flavor, more excitement, more experiences. They have higher expectations and aspirations from themselves and from the brands that they choose. And they want to share their progress with others.

Activate Fyllo Infused Fluent Audiences

Mainstream brands like Uber and Clorox are already leveraging Fyllo Infused Audiences to reach lucrative cannabis and CBD consumers in mainstream environments. And now Fyllo Infused Fluent Audiences offer a new set of precision targets for pharma, health, and wellness advertising.

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