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Leverage this 420 to build lifetime customer relationships

Every year dispensaries around the country rally to support the influx of new and existing customers visiting their stores for 420. After a historic 420 last year, sales are projected to be even higher this year as dispensaries have adapted to new shopping behaviors such as online ordering and curbside pickup. 

Here’s what the average cart size looked like in the last four years, according to Akerna Corp:


And here were the most popular products of 2021:


As dispensaries are gearing up for the annual wave of high-volume traffic, there’s no better time than now to add customers to your database and drive consumer loyalty. Great deals will attract customers from all over to your dispensary, but creative marketing strategies will help them continue shopping with you until the next 420 and beyond.

Three ways to build customer loyalty on 420

1. Turn 420 into a weeklong event

Last year, the Friday before 420 was the second-biggest sales day of the week after April 20th with over $85 million in sales. This year, 420 falls on a Wednesday so it’s likely sales will start the weekend prior. By stretching 420 over the span of 5-7 days, customers won’t feel the need to rush into your dispensary that Wednesday. You can also create special promotions for each day of the week to keep sales steady and traffic consistent. 


2. Leverage foot traffic from new visitors 

The key to converting first-time customers is incentives. Incentives foster customer loyalty by offering incremental rewards for frequent dispensary visits. The last thing you want is for someone to sign up for your loyalty program to take advantage of the 420 discount and then never come back. 

Instead, offer new customers a reward or discount on their first visit - but increase the rewards for each subsequent visit after that. 420 will get them through the door, but providing value will.


3. Build an efficient 420 action plan

On the biggest cannabis sales day of the year, getting customers in and out as quickly as possible matters. Here are some sustainable ways you can mitigate risks and maximize efficiency on 420: 

  • Ensure you have plenty of inventory so customers can celebrate 420

  • Make sure you are properly staffed for higher traffic

  • Have a backup plan if your POS system crashes or there is a wifi outage

  • Hire more security to manage the uptick in traffic

  • Train budtenders to recognize upselling opportunities

These details are ultimately what’s going to decide if a customer chooses to join your loyalty program. Take extra precautionary steps to ensure your customers have fun while shopping during cannabis’ biggest holiday.


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