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Reach today’s most resilient consumer group

As five new states pass legalization measures, it’s clear that cannabis is no longer niche. Instead, it’s becoming an essential part of consumers’ daily lives and routines, creating new opportunities for brands in almost every consumer category to breathe new life into ad targeting and messaging strategies. This matters now more than ever. 


Marketers are doing business in a world where growth is the exception rather than the rule. Where consumer attention is scarce, and meaningful response is both expensive and unpredictable. And where so many consumers have become disinterested with, and even adversarial to, brands and their marketing.

At the same time, COVID has radically disrupted the outlook and behavior of consumers. McKinsey reported that 75% of Americans have changed their behavior around shopping, brands and media.  In digital behavior, it’s been said that the pandemic brought a decade’s worth of changes over the span of two quarters. The disruption of work-life, shopping behavior and consumer attitudes and expectations have left marketers scrambling to keep their brands on track.

Against this backdrop, there is an exciting consumer group that shares a mindset and behavior that make them an incredible opportunity in a very challenging business world — cannabis and CBD consumers. They don’t see change as a threat. For them, experiencing new things is an essential part of how they live – embracing new new brands, new experiences and making new connections. 

Radical Resilience

In a moment where consumers are retreating from brands and advertising and from shopping and spending, cannabis and CBD consumers are undeterred and leaning into life. They are relentless first-movers in search of new experiences and brands that fuel sensational living. They continue to pursue their passions and reward the brands that are helping them on their way. 


They are people who choose to live in the present. According to MRI-Simmons, 71% strongly believe that life should be as much fun as possible (113 indexes) and 66% seek out variety in my everyday life (120).

They are dreamers and doers; people with big plans and ambitions – expanding home and work lives. In the next 12 months, cannabis consumers are more likely to become a parent (154), start a business (137), get engaged (135), buy their first house (132), or change jobs (135).

And they are willing to pay extra for products consistent with the image they want to convey (117).

These incredibly active, optimistic and engaged consumers represent a new opportunity for brands in every consumer category to breathe new life into ad targeting and media strategies. The Fyllo Data Marketplace provides marketers with new ways to discover and activate cannabis and CBD audiences throughout the entire purchase funnel. To learn more, contact


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