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The alcohol alternative that’s here to stay

A third of Americans are participating in Dry January this year. Since its inception in 2013, Dry January has become a global phenomenon that sees millions of people pausing alcohol consumption for the first month of the new year. And many of these participants look to alcohol alternatives to tide them over during their dry period. And now more than ever, cannabis and CBD have become the go-to substitute for alcohol. Thanks in large part to the pandemic. 

A Harris poll released in December 2020 found that 42% of consumers first tried or increased their cannabis consumption during the pandemic. And 45% of consumers replaced or reduced alcohol consumption thanks to cannabis. Among those surveyed, parents were the consumer group that became the most strongly invested in cannabis as an alcohol substitute, with 52% increasing their cannabis consumption during the pandemic and 57% replacing or reducing alcohol consumption for cannabis.


Fyllo campaign performance data further verifies that these substitution trends are strong among parents. December CBD campaigns powered by Fyllo Infused Audiences that include parents generated 29% higher average engagement rates.

The alcohol-to-cannabis shift among parents can largely be drawn down to the diversification of products available that offer these consumers more accessible entry points into the market.  From Lagunitas’ non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, zero-carb, THC-infused sparkling hop beverage to Pabst Labs’ cannabis-infused seltzer, alc-bev brands are brewing up innovative, consumer-friendly, and in-demand cannabis alternatives. Paige Guzman, CMO at Lagunitas Brewing Company told Fyllo “It is undeniable how many consumers are entering or reentering the cannabis market via the new beverages that are offering them an opportunity to experiment comfortably.”  

And Dry January’s behavior is here to stay, with 67% of Harris survey respondents planning to increase their cannabis and CBD consumption (instead of alcohol) throughout 2021. 

While insights suggest a longer-term shift in consumer behavior to cannabis alternatives, alc-bev brands can stay ahead of the curve. With the cannabis and alcohol categories sharing significant addressable audience overlap, there’s an opportunity to leverage high-fidelity cannabis audience segments to target and win back lost (or at least stay relevant with) alcohol customers. 

Or, just like Lagunitas and Pabst Labs, invest in new product lines that meet the growing demand for cannabis and CBD-infused beverages. 

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