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Better regulatory visibility drives better results

The volume and velocity of change in the cannabis regulatory landscape is pretty incredible. Add a global pandemic and an election year and it can be downright overwhelming. According CannaRegs data, in just one month there can be as many as 2,000 additions or updates to guidance documents, policies, applications, ordinances, meetings and more. With much of this activity happening at the hyper-local level. 

As states work to recover from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, legalization and, ultimately, regulation will accelerate as states look to cannabis as an opportunity to increase tax revenue. In this new world, a patchwork approach to research will result in wasted time and missed opportunities. 

Now more than ever, holistic visibility is the key to success. And the clearer the view the better the results, whether you’re leading a legal practice or a compliance program. 

Powered by AI and machine learning, CannaRegs unifies and automates cannabis regulatory research from more than 4,300 data sources across 16 states and 1,350 jurisdictions. And with advanced search views that filter and focus research, CannaRegs makes it easy to keep pace with compliance and category growth. 

Card View helps you preview content quickly to decide if entries require further review. 

Table View makes it easy to compare multiple entries simultaneously by sorting based on content properties.

Calendar View displays critical meetings and events, helping you track policies from start to finish. 

Codified View helps you explore relevant relational information presented in a nested tree format. 

With these four search views, users can track legislation more effectively—at all levels—and surface hard-to-find cannabis intel that’s often overlooked by other research methods. To learn more, email


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