Forrester Study: Cannabis & CBD Audience Data is Key | Fyllo

More than ever, brands are seeking differentiated sources of data in order to keep their audience insights fresh and moving forward. This commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting among Marketing leaders in the US, examines the pivotal role second-party data plays in strategic planning and exposes a foundational new audience for growth—cannabis and CBD consumers.

As five new states pass legalization measures, it’s clear that cannabis and CBD are no longer niche. Instead, they are becoming an essential part of people’s daily lives and routines. To drive sustainable, long-term growth, brands must orient their media strategies to reflect this reality and find new sources of insight, including second party cannabis and CBD consumer data, that enables more progressive media planning and ad targeting.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • The role second-party data plays in discovering, knowing and activating audiences

  • Why brands are interested in cannabis and CBD consumer data as a source of differentiated audience insights

  • How to identify the right strategic partner to navigate this new data landscape

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