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PurSpirit Cannabis Co. is a premier cannabis dispensary in the Northwest Arkansas Area that focuses on patient education and service, along with reasonably priced medical cannabis for their state’s growing patient demographic.


Improve text messaging delivery rates 

Maintain compliance with TCPA and SHAFT regulations


Consistent message delivery rate across TMobile, Verizon and AT&T


Average ROI on text messaging campaigns


PurSpirit is a medical dispensary in Arkansas that relied on text messaging as the primary means of communicating with their 6,000 patients in an increasingly competitive medical market. Creating frictionless communications with high delivery rates was critical when serving patients who preferred to receive quick, simple text messages to stay connected. 

However, patients started to miss out on special promotions and events because of chronic low delivery. PurSpirit was spending an average of 10-12 hours per week troubleshooting campaign send issues and fielding calls from their patients who hadn’t received any messages.


PurSpirit partnered with Fyllo to become an early adopter of 10DLC messaging in order to improve their campaign performance. With Fyllo’s expert service team, they worked in tandem to create pre-vetted, TCPA and SHAFT compliant message templates that aligned to specific business goals like promoting new products, events and daily deals. 

The scalability and customization of their templates enabled PurSpirit to schedule campaigns every weekday. Each of these custom templates directed patients to their shopping URL to measure order and purchase rate. Monitoring delivery rates and ROI in real time helped them understand which campaigns performed best and where to achieve further success.


With Fyllo, PurSpirit was able resume their daily messaging campaigns without interruption –  experiencing a consistent delivery rate of 90% on all major mobile network operators. 

By building compliant templates and automating their campaigns, they greatly reduced the time and labor needed to run promotions. They have also seen a steady increase in customer engagement with increased campaign deliverability. PurSpirit continues to work with their dedicated Fyllo customer success manager to audit templates regularly to keep campaigns fresh and engaging for their customers.

"We have been really happy with Fyllo. We were experiencing frustratingly low delivery rates, but they made the process of adopting 10DLC messaging easy and painless. Now, we are able to create content that we are comfortable sending to all of our subscribers knowing they will receive it - which is great value for the service."

Ben Driver

PurSpirit Cannabis Co.


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