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CBD brand uses first party data to improve performance


Drive awareness new product

Grow customer base

Increase online sales

Maximize ROAS


Create custom audience segments

Activate first party CRM data




Increased sales

With an expansive product line ranging from tinctures to pet treats, this CBD brand wanted to accelerate awareness and sales of a new stress relief product by activating its current customers and identifying new customers with high propensity purchases.

The team built two custom audience segments to drive ad targeting with return on ad spend (ROAS) top of mind. The first segment combined endemic data such as CBD purchase intent with mainstream psychographic and lifestyle data like organic living. The second segment leveraged the brand’s first-party data by converting CRM data and customer email addresses to privacy-safe online identifiers that target audiences across addressable media.

The brand’s precision targeting efforts resulted in consistent weekly improvements in site traffic and conversion, with positive ROAS (2.7:1) and sales (9% increase) throughout the campaign. The CRM segment alone resulted in a ROAS that was 93% above the campaign average, and customers targeted in that segment spent an additional 22% on average.


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