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Communicating convenience key to success in dispensary campaign


Drive new customers to purchase online and pick up in store

Measure incrementality with menu loads and pre-order checkouts on dispensary sites


Create custom audience segments based on purchaser attributes and behaviors

Hero messaging around convenience, simplicity and safety

Continuous optimization to adjust dayparts, sites, audiences and bids


Pre-orders for in-store pickup


Of conversions came from net new customers


Decrease in cost per site visit

In response to new COVID social distancing and store capacity guidelines, one of the largest multi-state operators in the US needed new ways to drive pre-orders for in-store pickups at its dispensary locations in Illinois.

To achieve this goal, Fyllo focused campaign strategy on two core groups of consumers: people who had completed cannabis purchases at other dispensaries in Illinois and people who had likely visited out-of-state dispensaries but were residing in Illinois.

The campaign launched with digital display units targeting cannabis-endemic audience segments from Fyllo’s Data Marketplace with the most relevant attributes to achieve the campaign goals. Messaging was tailored to each audience, highlighting the benefits of convenience like pre-ordering for pick up and shorter wait times.

This approach drove more than 1,000 pick-up pre-orders across all Illinois locations. And according to mid-campaign analysis, 22% of these customers had never purchased from this MSO, indicating that the campaign drove a large incremental sales lift. The analyses also showed consistent ROAS improvement over the life of the campaign.


Fyllo Infused audience segments drive 74% lift in foot traffic

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