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CPG brand soars past add-to-cart benchmark with Fyllo Infused Audiences


Drive sales of energy drinks made for gamers

Surpass 3% add-to-cart benchmark 


Source gamer segments with a higher propensity to engage

Leverage Fyllo Infused Gaming Audiences including Xbox Users and Electronic & Gadgets

Run a full-funnel campaign that ends with add-to-cart


Of all clicks


Page views


Above add-to-cart benchmark

A world-renowned beverage company needed to drive sales for their energy drinks made for gamers. They tasked a tier-1 agency to run a programmatic campaign to reach and push new customers through the entire funnel. To do this, the agency knew they had to target gamers who are more willing to engage than others.

Cannabis and CBD gamers offered the ideal audience. They’re more likely to be image-conscious energy drink lovers with a tendency to make quick & swift purchases than the general population. (Source: MRI-Simmons 2021)

Here are some key insights from our Infused Audience data:

+77% heavy energy beverage drinkers

+29% pay extra for a product that is consistent with the image they want to convey

+25% impulse purchase makers

The company chose Fyllo Infused Gaming Audiences - Xbox Users, Electronics & Gadgets, Handheld Games, and Video & Computer Gaming Enthusiasts - as they take conventional gamer segments to the next level by enriching them with cannabis and CBD purchase data. These audiences delivered campaign success by surpassing the add-to-cart benchmark by 25%. They were also responsible for 40% of all clicks and 5.9K page views.


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