Daypart Strategy Delivers Big Returns and Insights | Fyllo

Daypart strategy delivers big returns and insights


Increase online sales

Improve media efficiency

Maintain a ROI


Use historical campaign data to inform future planning

Execute daypart strategy to meet audiences at peak times

Optimize site list in real time to maximize performance


Unique reach


Impressions delivered




Increase in average purchase

A new brand that offers a wide range of CBD products via traditional e-commerce channels needed a cost-effective way to reach new customers and grow online sales. Previous attempts to scale campaigns saw diminishing returns due to limitations in reaching cannabis-interested audiences and driving them to make a purchase.

By analyzing historical campaign data, the team exposed that peak performance happened during the week instead of weekends, creating the basis for new campaign opportunities. Daypart targeting was used to reach audiences at key moments Monday through Friday when they were more likely to engage with the brand.

The team monitored performance for the campaign’s duration to ensure targeting strategies worked, making adjustments to site lists as necessary to maximize ROI.

By refocusing campaign delivery windows around weekdays, the brand increased average purchases online by 21% and achieved a ROAS of 3:1. They also have new insights to inform future campaign planning and execution.


CBD brand uses first party data to improve performance

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