Case Study: DTC CBD Brand Achieves 3x ROI in 60 Days | Fyllo

Direct-to-consumer CBD brand achieves 3x ROI in 60 days


Increase market share of online CBD sales 

Accelerate DTC growth 

Convert brick and mortar CBD shoppers


Create custom audience segments based on past purchase behavior

Deliver product-specific messaging and promotional offers to increase engagement

Ongoing campaign optimization to maximize traffic and conversion




Increase in engagement rate


Higher CTR than industry benchmark

A direct-to-consumer CBD brand partnered with Fyllo to increase its market share of the online CBD market.

As a by-product of the pandemic, 45% of all CBD consumers had shifted their CBD purchases from in-store to online by June 2020. This CBD brand capitalized upon this shift in shopping behavior by tapping into the Fyllo Data Marketplace to target CBD consumers who had either purchased CBD in-store in the past or actively researching CBD content online.

Offering a diverse product range of tinctures, drinks, capsules, topicals, edibles, pet products, and vapes, the granularity of the Fyllo Data Marketplace segments empowered the brand to target known consumers of these specific product categories.

Within 14 days of launch, the campaign achieved a 2x ROI. As a result, the budget was immediately scaled by 50%. Within 60 days, the campaign had driven a 3x ROI with click-through rates averaging 33% higher than the industry benchmark.

Reporting showed Fyllo campaigns delivered the strongest performance among CBD consumers who also identified as in-store Vitamin Shoppe and GNC visitors — a strong indication that the campaign successfully converted both online and brick and mortar shoppers.

As campaigns scaled, the brand optimized the category-driven purchase-based segments that drove the most activity against product-specific messaging, promotional offers, and seasonal trends. As a result, they have accredited over 2,000 online orders to its partnership with Fyllo and continues to scale DTC growth with ongoing budget investment today.


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