Fast Casual Brand Drives Growth with Audience Data | Fyllo

Fast casual restaurant brand drives new growth with Fyllo Infused Audiences


Grow customer base of college-age sports fans

Add incremental impact alongside first-party look-alike strategy 

Beat aggressive ROAS benchmarks


Leverage Fyllo’s Currently Attending College audience segment for their ideal mix of social behavior, restaurant going and love of sports




Performing segment just behind 1st party look-alikes

1 Month

Rapid success of display spurred expansion into video within a few weeks

Delivering the right consumer lifestyle and mindset

A leading fast-casual restaurant brand catering to sports fans sought new customers that fit their existing audience profile and shared distinctive attributes to drive growth and ROAS.

Cannabis and CBD consumers offered the ideal audience of college sports fans, fast-casual restaurant traffic and a passion for good beer and food. In addition, audiences had to be readily accessible on a major DSP owned by one of the top telecom companies.

By leveraging the Currently Attending College segment (a Fyllo Infused Audience), the brand quickly and efficiently engaged its growth segment.

Campaign results exceeded benchmarks and expectations. The Currently Attending College audience segment accelerated performance, delivering peak ROAS of $11.


Beer brand uses Fyllo Infused Audiences to outperform lookalikes by 40%

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