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Fueling flash sales with canna-curious customers


Drive flash sales

Increase YOY revenue

Identify new customers


Identify and reach net new canna-curious customers

Create lookalike segments based on current high-value customers

Retarget site visitors with a coupon to maximize conversion


New site visitors in 48 hours

To increase sales during its annual online flash sale, this brand needed to reach net new customers during a short promotional period.

Planning began with custom audience modeling. The team developed a new canna-curious audience based on who showed a higher propensity to engage with CBD brands. These segments were used to lead early prospecting efforts and drive traffic to a promotional landing page. In addition to new audiences, the team also used lookalike audience modeling to build segments that resembled their current high-value customers.

Building on heightened awareness and traffic created by prospecting, the brand re-engaged site visitors with a 40% off coupon and a strong call-to-action. As a result, site visitors were driven to product pages to shop for premium CBD products and learn more about the brand.

Because targeting was focused and efficient, the brand could maximize customer engagement and minimize media waste, resulting in 860,000 new site visitors in 48 hours.


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