Infused Audiences Drive 74% Lift in Foot Traffic | Fyllo

Fyllo Infused audience segments drive 74% lift in foot traffic


Grow market share in California and Florida

Increase online pre-orders

Accelerate in-store visits


Source Fyllo Infused Audience segments to target competitor dispensary shoppers 

Deliver display ads promoting dispensary locations, sales, and products in both states

Measure foot traffic attribution to track campaign impact


Qualified website and in-store visits


Attributed revenue



One of the largest MSOs in the U.S. partnered with Fyllo to drive in-store traffic in two of its key markets: California, the biggest cannabis market in the world where expenditure is forecast to hit $7.7 billion by 2022, and Florida, the medical cannabis market that continues to boom during the pandemic.

To drive dispensary market share in the two states, the brand turned to the Fyllo Data Marketplace to source the following infused segments:

Interest-based: Known cannabis consumers that had expressed interest in cannabis via online research and search activity

Purchase-based: Known cannabis consumers that had purchased products in-store or online

Competitor-based: Known cannabis customers of local dispensary competitors in California and Florida

Within two months of activation, the campaign delivered over 5.8 million impressions to its desired target audience, driving a significant increase in online sales, pre-orders, and in-store activity.

Leveraging a foot traffic attribution model, data showed that consumers who were exposed to Fyllo campaign ads were 74% more likely to visit one of the brand’s dispensary locations compared to a control group. Combining store visits with average customer order values in both markets, over $81.5K in revenue has been tracked and traced back to Fyllo campaigns — resulting in a 170% ROI for the brand.

The MSO continues to scale its partnership with Fyllo to maintain its position as one of the largest and most valuable cannabis companies in the U.S.


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