Launching a New Product Line to a New Wave of Customers | Fyllo

Launching a new product line to a new wave of customers


Accelerate awareness of a new CBD product line

Drive online sales during launch

Extend current customer base


Use first-party data to reach existing customers

Identify endemic cannabis audiences with a high propensity to engage.

Leverage Infused Audiences from the Fyllo Data Marketplace

Combine lifestyle and retail visitation data to drive targeting


Increase in site traffic


Uniques during prospecting phase

Known for its premium products, this traditional beauty brand added a full-spectrum CBD line with three new products, including creams, balms and deodorants. Our mission: drive awareness and grow online sales for the new CBD line.

The launch strategy had two key components. First, leverage first-party data to reach existing customers and encourage them to try the new CBD line. Second, introduce the new CBD line to endemic cannabis customers. By tapping into the Fyllo Data Marketplace, the team created Fusion Audiences that combined purchase intent, natural and organic lifestyle and beauty retail visitation data.

By combining lifestyle and retail visitation data to drive targeting, the brand was able to accelerate penetration among new customers and increase unique website traffic by 14%.


Fueling flash sales with canna-curious customers

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