Leading CBD Skincare Brand Drives Retail Partnership | Fyllo

Leading CBD skincare brand drives its retail partnership


Build awareness of exclusive partnership with major beauty store

Drive online retail traffic

Grow e-commerce sales


Target consumers with an interest in CBD products or previous CBD purchase

Run cross-channel video and display across premium inventory

Measure brand lift through 3rd party partnerships and surveys




Lift in brand awareness among ages 35-44


Lift in purchase intent among ages 25-34

Engaging high-value audiences

A leading CBD skincare brand partnered with Fyllo to build awareness for their exclusive partnership with a national beauty retailer. To meet their goal of awareness and sales, they had to find and engage shoppers with a high propensity to purchase CBD wellness products.

By activating Fyllo Endemic and Infused Audiences, the campaign delivered video and display ads to known CBD and beauty/cosmetics purchasers across premium inventory and a range of devices. In addition, cross-channel formats highlighted the full range of skincare products, engaged consumers, and drove e-commerce sales.

Fyllo successfully delivered more than 8,000 visits to the landing page. In addition, the display remarketing placements generated 3 million impressions and CTR 270% over benchmarks.

The campaign drove significant brand lift and promotional recall among key consumer groups. For example, brand awareness among those A35-44 increased by 25% and purchase intent among those A25-35 increased by 11%.


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