Leading QSR chain drives 50K visits in L.A.

Leading QSR chain drives 50K visits in L.A.


Increase foot traffic to locations in LA DMA

Generate online delivery orders

Grow market share with competitive conquesting


Execute omnichannel campaign including Display, OLV, and CTV

Localized targeting with promotional messaging

Leverage foot traffic study to measure campaign impact


In-store visits


Video completions


Cost per store visit

Driving consumers into local restaurants 

A leading fast-casual restaurant chain tapped Fyllo to drive awareness and increase foot traffic to its California locations. Through a mix of video and display tactics, this campaign supported more than 30 franchises, speaking to delivery and in-store promotions. 

Leaning on Fyllo Infused and Endemic Audiences - fast food lovers, order-in-eaters, delivery enthusiasts and competitive conquesting - the campaign targeted customized QSR consumer profiles. Cannabis consumers are 67% more likely to have purchased take-out or drive-thru in the past six months.

With most video invested in CTV, Fyllo drove 738K video completions with a video completion rate (VCR) of 97%. In addition, promotional messaging saw strong engagement, driving over 50K store visits among consumers exposed. By partnering with Fyllo, this QSR brand witnessed a high return on investment at the cost of $1 per store visit compared to an industry average of $22. 


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