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Multi-location operator increases revenue by optimizing message delivery


Improve SMS delivery rate 

Increase number of SMS subscribers

Increase ROI


Optimize message copy for compliance 

Personalize promotions for specific customer cohorts

Automate subscriber management to remove opt-outs, duplicates and inactives


Delivery rate since launch, up from 50%


Increase in subscribers


Revenue generated per message

Regaining brand momentum

When one of Florida’s premier multi-location cannabis retailers experienced a dramatic dip in its SMS delivery rate (~50%), resulting in missed customer connections and lost revenue, they chose Fyllo as their partner to turn things around.

Within 48 hours, POS data was integrated into Fyllo’s promotion engine and campaigns were ready for delivery. In addition, each target customer group was carefully crafted to reflect known purchasing habits to increase message receptivity and responsiveness.

To ensure maximum delivery, all messaging was scrubbed for non-compliant content using the automated compliance analysis feature found in the Fyllo campaign manager. Additionally, subscriber lists were cleaned, quickly removing opt-outs, duplicates and inactive subscribers.

By combining smart targeting strategies with automated compliance optimization and subscriber management, campaign delivery rates increased from 50% to 90%. And since its launch, active subscriber counts have doubled and ROI has improved (~$3.33 per message).

"The added layer of compliance in our promotions strategy has greatly improved our deliverability and boosted revenue for each campaign we create. Now we have the ability to send promotions and special offers to specific sets of clients with a sense of confidence and security - and know that each campaign we create has a clear ROI. "

Brand and Marketing Manager

Florida Dispensary


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