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Public Goods accelerates sales with Fyllo Infused Audiences


Drive awareness of new CBD product line

Increase ROAS

Test programmatic advertising strategies


Target high-value consumers based on past purchases and site visitation

Increase consumer exposure and frequency through multi-screen display

Modify targeting variables to increase performance and efficiency


Fyllo-driven sales


Increase in ROAS

Getting off to a great start

Public Goods partnered with Fyllo to activate their first-ever programmatic advertising campaign, building on their previous successes on social media. At a low initial investment, Fyllo was tasked with increasing sales and overall return on advertising spend.

Tapping into the Fyllo Data Marketplace, the team targeted CBD purchasers interested in health & fitness, natural diet & supplement/vitamins and pain relief. This audience strategy was activated with a multi-screen approach that allowed Public Goods to reach consumers predisposed to its new product line.

Fyllo drove 149 sales on the Public Goods website in just three weeks and established new target audiences for incremental growth. By the end of the campaign, 641 conversions accounted for over $37,000 in revenue.

Breaking into a competitive market is always challenging, but Fyllo Audiences’ precision helped to mitigate media waste and discover net new in-market CBD consumers.


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