Social CBD Increases Brand Awareness by 128% | Fyllo

Social CBD increases brand awareness by 128%


Identify and target new consumers actively searching for CBD

Drive brand awareness and traffic to Social CBD’s owned online store

Increase conversion and ROAS


Create custom audience segments based on interest and behavior

Drive brand engagement with product sampling

Retarget site visitors with new offers


Unique people reached


Decrease in conversion time post exposure


Lift in brand awareness

Social CBD partnered with Fyllo to launch a holistic program to drive brand awareness and grow the size of its e-commerce customer base during a global pandemic.

New research shows CBD consumers are shifting their purchases online. While dispensaries were once the primary source of brand discoverability, many consumers are now riding the internet wave throughout all stages of their CBD purchasing journey.

Adapting their marketing strategy to this trend, Social CBD leveraged the powers of programmatic advertising to identify and convert brick and mortar shoppers in the CBD space. Operating in the hyper-competitive CBD market, they needed to ensure their ads reach the right people.

Tapping into the Fyllo Data Marketplace, the brand created custom audience segments that leveraged a combination of purchase and behavioral data to identify and target relevant consumers who had either previously purchased CBD or were actively in the market for it.

Always-on campaign insights empowered the brand to better understand who their ads were resonating with, which creative was performing best, and the publisher sites that were driving the most traffic so that they could apply an agile approach to incrementally optimizing their ad spend.

They also helped to build a clearer picture of their customer’s journey. By knowing how many customers clicked on an ad, whether they proceeded to add an item to their cart and if they checked-out, the brand has identified never-seen-before opportunities to enhance their online store’s performance and, as a result, has reduced the average amount of purchase time for a consumer by 15%.

Since its launch, the campaign has reached more than 11.5 million unique consumers and Social CBD has seen a 128% lift in brand awareness.

Following the campaign’s success, investment in digital advertising has increased by 900%. In building stronger, long-lasting customer relationships via a sophisticated programmatic advertising strategy, Social CBD continues to partner with Fyllo to facilitate the introduction of other products from their portfolio to their growing and increasingly engaged customer base.


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