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Wellness brand boosts sales with better audience targeting


Increase site traffic

Drive online sales


Target consumers with interest in CBD and wellness products

Test what creative message resonates with audiences


Unique reach


Increase in weekly site traffic


Increase in spend

The brand wanted to promote the wellness benefits of organic hemp oil products and drive potential customers to explore its product page and purchase online. Historically, identifying the right audiences and serving the right ads was difficult due to the lack of available data, resulting in media waste and inefficiency.

Using the Fyllo Data Marketplace, the team created fusion audience segments that combined endemic data such as CBD purchase history with mainstream demographic and lifestyle data like natural wellness.

With clear audience targets defined, the brand wanted to test creative messaging and performance against each audience. Two distinct ad units were used: one focused on sleep and one focused on anxiety. Early learnings showed that sleep-focused content outperformed anxiety, allowing the team to optimize this and future campaigns.

The brand saw strong results from the campaign, including 5.85M unique reach, an increase of 45% in weekly product page traffic, and a 16% increase in average purchase spend.


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