Supurb achieved 94% delivery with 10DLC messaging

Supurb maximizes delivery with 10DLC messaging


Accelerate 10DLC adoption and compliance

Increase text message delivery rate

Mitigate business disruption


Streamline registration and verification

Activate pre-vetted campaign templates


Delivery rate


Increase in message volume

Supurb is an Arizona-based cannabis delivery service on a mission to fulfill deliveries in 30 minutes or less. To accomplish this, Supurb relies on text messaging to connect and accelerate engagement with customers. But with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) rapidly implementing 10DLC regulation, Supurb had to adapt quickly or risk significant business disruption.

Supurb turned to Fyllo to lead their 10DLC compliance efforts and ensure maximum message delivery. The process was simple. First they worked with a Fyllo account manager to complete and submit a brand registration form, streamlining the registration process. Then they received a unique campaign ID and brand verification score.

Armed with these critical components, Supurb was ready to start creating customized, compliant campaigns with their Fyllo account manager. Each template is not only designed for compliance, but also to accomplish business goals like building loyalty and cutting costs.

After partnering with Fyllo to switch to 10DLC compliant messaging, Supurb saw a significant increase in message volume, growing message delivery from 452K in August to 572K in September, a 26% increase.

By choosing Fyllo, Supurb was able to minimize business disruption and maximize customer engagement with minimal effort from the brand. Today they are able to send more than 28K messages per day with a 94% delivery rate.

"Before switching to Fyllo, we weren’t even able to use our brand name in our messages. Now, we can send messages straight to our thousands of subscribers, and have a sense of security in the content we send."

Jonathan Ghiz

CEO, Supurb


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