BloomStone tracks opportunities with end to end application monitoring | Fyllo

BloomStone tracks opportunities with end to end application monitoring


BloomStone is a cannabis licensing, consulting and asset management firm headquartered in Southern California. They serve as experts in all stages of the supply chain, from production to sales, licensure, conditional-use permits, construction build-out, and operations.


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Keeping pace with cannabis goes beyond legalization periods

Operating in the highly competitive California market, BloomStone needed to identify and understand the activities of local municipalities to better determine when new licenses became available. Their analysts spent hours digging through city websites, calling local clerks, and reading agendas - in a very manual and tedious manner - averaging almost 25 hours a week focused on legalizing jurisdictions. Through conversations with other progressive members in the industry, BloomStone’s COO, Devon, heard about the Regulatory Database and decided to subscribe to keep up with his counterparts.

BloomStone employs an end to end approach to regulatory research

By utilizing Saved Queries, leveraging smart filters and streamlining to a single source of regulatory activity, BloomStone has drastically reduced the time needed to complete their research. Analysts use the software for more than just pre-licensing and licensing actions. They can now track cities after licensing decisions have been made, allowing them to better predict and prepare for changes in taxes, ordinances, processes and most importantly, when additional licensing opportunities open up. Additionally, BloomStone can find other valuable local information such as entitlements, taxes, other license holders and more.

"The Fyllo Regulatory Database has allowed us to make sure we are as early to the party as possible when it comes to regulatory activity regarding new ordinances coming online and potential new licensing opportunities."

Devon Julian

Chief Operating Officer, BloomStone


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