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Caliva uses calendar view and daily digests to expose opportunity in California


Caliva is one of California’s premier cannabis dispensary and cultivation operators. Caliva is powered by a passion for plant-based solutions and a purpose to deliver natural, more sustainable wellness options.


Regulatory research

Licensing and application tracking

Market expertise

8x faster

To complete regulatory research per week


Of first-mover wins by sales in new markets


Policy guide created in house to help company strategy

Being an industry market leader means being more strategic

With 482 municipalities in California – all of which have unique cannabis regulations, limited licenses for cannabis, and different web locations for cannabis activity, Caliva has a difficult task to maintain its position as a market leader. Their regulatory experts must ensure they are proactively reviewing activities and making timely strategic decisions on shifting trends. Manually tracking localities can be extremely time-consuming and risks missing crucial changes that could affect the business.

Use Calendar View and Daily Digest to discover, learn and capitalize

Caliva’s use of Calendar View and Daily Digests has enabled them to keep pace with the volume and velocity of the California cannabis landscape. As a result, the team can quickly identify important dates, agendas, or meetings and align with the cities that are relevant to Caliva’s business growth. Over time, CannaRegs has given business leaders like Hirsh the confidence to speak with authority on the dynamic California cannabis market at conferences, panels, and within Caliva’s leadership meetings. Powered by the gained expertise, they can make strategic decisions with conviction resulting in more successful license applications, major business wins, and company growth.

Keep pace with compliance and category growth

Beyond using CannaRegs to drive expertise, licensing application success, and regulatory research efficiency, Caliva uses the database to anticipate when new local opportunities will arise, offering their sales team a head start to begin nurturing pivotal relationships ahead of the competition

"I’m able to go to conferences and speak with authority on what is going on throughout the state, and that’s because I have a tool like The Fyllo Regulatory Database that equips me with information to drive my expertise."

Hirsh Jain

Head of Government Affairs, Caliva


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