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Puzzle Group Law saves 1,800+ hours on regulatory research and expands business reach


Puzzle Group is a cannabis real estate development group that works with our partners to successfully secure prime retail locations and licenses. Our real estate team uses its experience and industry knowledge to secure prime retail locations nationwide in cities granting new dispensary licenses, while our application writing team does the leg work to quarterback clients through the competitive merit-based application process and put them on the pathway to operating.


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A key driver to success in highly regulated industries is understanding the activity and anticipating change early enough to make an impact. Prior to subscribing to the Regulatory Database, Puzzle Group Law Firm professionals dealt with a manual, disjointed and time consuming regulatory research process. This included navigating outdated and difficult to review government websites. Often, they would need to reach out individually to county clerks via email or phone to understand more or get the information they needed. This limited both their growth ambitions and expertise to a handful of jurisdictions in the southern California market.


Puzzle Group Law Firm owner Aaron Herzberg heard about the Regulatory Database through networking at various cannabis conferences. After understanding how his clients leveraged the database to improve their regulatory research processes, he became a subscriber. The team reduced their research time to less than 30 minutes a day, increased their overall addressable market with more jurisdictional coverage and discovered more opportunities for clients. Additionally, they gained the competitive edge to make crucial business decisions sooner by subscribing to the Regulatory Database. Fyllo features like Calendar View, License Grid and analyst-curated entries deliver a single source of information while empowering businesses like Puzzle Group Law Firm to deliver better results for their clients.

"My business was limited to 7 counties before the Regulatory Database, and now I cover the entire California market and 3 additional states. It has enabled my team and I to learn about regulatory activity and act quickly, potentially making us millions of dollars."

Aaron Herzberg

Owner of Puzzle Group Law Firm


Leading with compliance in cannabis

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