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Vicente Sederberg streamlines regulatory research with custom saved queries and alerts


Vicente Sederberg is a top-ranked national cannabis law firm providing legal and policy services to cannabis and hemp companies, ancillary businesses, investors, governmental bodies, and advocacy organizations.


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Tracking cannabis legislation and licensing is not an easy job

On any given day, law firms with cannabis practices conduct rigorous research to keep up with changing regulations, which are regularly discussed in local city council meetings across California and the rest of the country. But knowing when and where they are and tracking what was said during the meeting can be challenging and incredibly time-consuming. And without the ability to monitor these meetings at a
macro-level, it is easy to miss opportunities and crucial regulatory updates.

Build and save custom queries to streamline regulatory research

By combining smart search capabilities that filter and focus findings with custom real-time alerts, Vicente Sederberg can stay ahead of the dynamic cannabis regulatory landscape. Using custom Saved Queries, teams can quickly find and explore relevant information from thousands of sources in one centralized location, saving them valuable time and enabling them to guide with greater efficiency and fidelity. Like Casey, these unique features allow users to conduct regulatory research in hundreds of cannabis active localities in California in under 30 minutes a day.

Keep pace with compliance and category growth

Like many teams, Vicente Sederberg uses Fyllo regulatory solutions to predict how regulations may shift in local jurisdictions and tracking local cannabis licensing to advise clients quickly as new opportunities arise.

"The Fyllo Regulatory Database helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the entire state of California by creating broad search queries and filtering entries by meeting date. The results enable me to review nearly all of the meetings, discussions and announcements that occurred within the past week or two."

Casey Boston

Licensing Specialist Assistant, Office Manager of LA, Vicente Sederberg


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