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Regulatory Readiness: Paving a Pathway for Growth in Crypto

To live on the front lines of the new economy, you have to be ready for anything regulation throws your way.

Cryptocurrency represents a transformational change in financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are now held by one-in-five Americans. At the same time, multiple regulatory bodies across geographies are introducing new rules and restrictions at an equally rapid pace.

Today’s cryptocurrency regulatory environment is dominated by uncertainty and unpredictable changes, driven by a wide range of challenges. To explore these challenges, Fyllo commissioned The Harris Poll to survey compliance leaders in cryptocurrency and financial services to better understand the challenges and goals of today's leaders.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Why compliance leaders see regulation as one of the biggest barriers to their current goals

  • Which regulations are most important and the sources used to research these issues

  • How to address cryptocurrency regulatory and compliance challenges


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